Special Debt Consolidation Personal Loan

Debt Consolidation Loan
  • Special rate of 11.50%*
  • Achieve a lower monthly payment
  • Pay down your debt faster

Start Fresh in the NEW YEAR! 

Holiday debt can be overwhelming. Don’t start the New Year with added stress. Instead, celebrate your path to financial freedom!

7 17 Credit Union is offering a special Debt Consolidation personal loan* designed to help you pay off lingering expenses or simplify your finances by consolidating bills with a special rate of 11.50%* that will help you achieve a lower monthly payment and pay down your debt faster. (See example below).

Plus, all approved loans – regardless of credit tier – will receive the same competitive rate of 11.50%!

Your Debt Consolidation Loan could look like this...

Total Loan Amount Term Rate Payment APR*
$12,150.00 60 months 11.50% $268.42 12.04%


This special offer ends Feb. 28, 2023. To apply for a loan, members can stop in to any 7 17 branch, give us a call or apply online.

(Important: when using our online loan application, select ‘Personal Loan/Home Improvement Loan’ as the product, then select ‘Debt Consolidation’ as the loan purpose).

*Important Disclosures: You must be a member in good standing and credit qualify. The rate of 11.50% for your Debt Consolidation Loan applies to loan terms of 60 months; 96 months; and 120 months. A one-time processing fee of $150.00 applies to any approved Debt Consolidation Loan upon closing, which is included in the loan amount; for example, if you borrow $12,000.00, your loan amount will be $12,150.00. Your Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is based upon your term and loan amount. Additional loan conditions: [1] If you are refinancing a 7 17 loan with your Debt Consolidation loan, 50% or more of the loan proceeds must be used to pay only revolving or unsecured debt with another lender. [2] Checks will be made payable to lender you are paying off (no cash out) on loans $5,000 or more. [3] Member must pick up and mail checks on loans over $5,000. [4] Your Debt Consolidation Loan can be used to pay off revolving or unsecured debt only. (Cannot be used to pay off medical, collections or secured loans, etc.). Contact us for complete details and current rates; advertised rates could change without notice. Offer expires February 28, 2023.

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